Satori Neuro, an advisory affiliate of Satori Capital, announced its investment in Beckley Waves, a venture studio working to expand safe and legal access to psychedelic therapies.

Satori Neuro is the latest thematic strategy from Satori Capital. It is designed to target transformational companies developing breakthrough treatments and disruptive business models to address the world’s most critical mental health challenges.  Satori Neuro’s investment in Beckley Waves will allow the venture studio to continue building and investing in startups that provide infrastructure and services in the psychedelic therapy sector.

“Satori Neuro is honored to support Beckley Waves’ work to build safe, legal, and scalable real-world applications for the scientific research that’s fueling the ongoing psychedelic renaissance,” said Dr. Amy Kruse, Chief Investment Officer for Satori Neuro. “Satori Neuro and Beckley Waves are both resolutely committed to improving mental health and human flourishing, and that makes our work together particularly rewarding.”

Beckley Waves is the co-founder of Beckley Retreats, which leads psilocybin-based retreats in a group setting; Beckley Academy, an ed-tech company for therapists and clinicians; and The Trip Report, a newsletter and podcast on legal psychedelics.

The investment round was featured on Axios, which quoted Beckley Waves partner Daniel Love as saying, “For us, it’s not just psychedelics… Ultimately, we want to help people that are suffering [and] help people thrive more, so if psychedelics are a jumping-off point, meditation and other forms of conscious exploration are also important.”

Read Beckley Waves’ press release about its recent funding, and visit to learn more about the company.

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