The National Association of Corporate Directors recently featured Satori co-founder Sunny Vanderbeck in an article in its Private Company Insights magazine. The article focuses on Satori’s long-term mindset and use of a stakeholder-centric approach to generate above-market investment returns.

A Stakeholder-Centric Approach to Private Equity Investment

Sunny Vanderbeck, a managing partner and co-founder of Dallas-based Satori Capital, is trying to prove that a stakeholder-centric approach to private equity investing can generate returns at or above market expectations.

Rather than impact investing, which backs businesses with specific social or environmental agendas and is often believed to generate below-market returns, Satori Capital focuses on how portfolio companies operate. This includes everything from how a company treats its employees, customers, and other stakeholders, to how the board and executives stay focused on the long term. Satori Capital takes this approach to running its own business, and Vanderbeck believes this model can generate healthy returns by investing in like-minded companies.

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