In the spring of 2017, Satori Capital launched the Satori Capital Conscious Capitalism CEO Scholarship. The scholarship fund was created to provide the CEO of an up-and-coming business with the opportunity to attend Conscious Capitalism, Inc.’s 2017 CEO Summit.

The CEO Summit is designed for visionary CEOs who conduct their businesses in a different way from the norm. These CEOs focus foremost on fulfilling the deeper purpose of their organizations and creating value for all of their stakeholders, and they cultivate cultures that support people in learning, growing, and flourishing. The Summit features speakers, workshops, and networking opportunities designed to support them on the path. Access to an event like this can have a lasting impact in spreading and promoting the values of conscious capitalism.

After reviewing multiple impressive nominees, Satori announced the scholarship recipient in July of 2017: Jason Ballard, CEO of TreeHouse, Inc. During the evaluation process, Satori was inspired by quotes like this one in Jason’s scholarship entry:

“This is a moment when it is arguable that the entity with the most power for change for good or ill is not government, is not NGOs, and is not any one person. The entity invested with the most ability to create change in the modern world is the for-profit corporation. This means that businesses, business leaders, and entrepreneurs have a responsibility not before seen in history to take ownership for and leadership in the kind of world that their enterprises create.”

Two additional nominees were so impressive that Satori gave special acknowledgement to their entries: Elyse Dickerson, CEO of Eosera, and Abe Kamarck, CEO of True Made Foods.