Adding a Zero

The entrepreneur’s journey of building his or her business from $20 million to $200 million of revenue is arguably one of the most challenging. Achieving this new level of growth and scale requires a shift in mindset, decision-making, and organizational structure, along with infrastructure improvements, enhanced reporting, and a clearly defined strategy.

The day-to-day realities of being on the leadership team of a rapidly growing business will shift from working primarily in the business to working primarily on the business.

Think about how differently your company operates now than during the first couple of years after it was founded. How has the team grown and changed? How have the skills of the team changed? How has the company’s infrastructure changed? How many more customers are you able to serve? How many suppliers and partners do you now work with than when the business was in its initial stages of development? How has the nature of these relationships changed? How has your decision making shifted? What have you achieved that you never thought possible? Now, think about how all of this will change again on your journey to $200 million.

We believe that the business processes and management styles that make a business successful in growing from $2 million to $20 million in revenue are different than those that will allow it to reach the next level of scale. We believe that every company goes through the same evolutionary journey and faces similar challenges. Our team has been through this and now helps others navigate it as well. Learn more about how we help.

Our strategic partner, Stagen ( describes this journey as one of “scrambling” to “scaling.”

Scrambling vs. Scaling Stagen is a leadership development firm that specializes in helping mid-market companies scale.