SumZero, an online collaborative platform for investment professionals, recently published an interview with James Haddaway, chief investment officer and managing partner for Satori Alpha and Satori XL. The interview, part of SumZero’s “Allocator” series of discussions with leaders in the institutional investment space, focused on Satori’s partnerships with emerging investment managers.

Nicholas Kapur, SumZero: James, first and foremost, I want to thank you for joining me today for this emerging manager chat, which I believe will land squarely in the strike zone for many members of the SumZero community given the fact that Satori Capital, through its Satori Alpha and Satori XL offerings, is a backer of very early-stage investors. How did you come to get involved in this niche?

James Haddaway, Satori Capital: Well, first off, they’re not typically early-stage — they’re small. We actually like our emerging managers to have an established track record, but we’re fine with lower assets under management (AUM).

Before I joined Satori, I was at a hedge fund that was similar to the kind of fund we seek to partner with now. The fund was at about $25 million in AUM, and it had an outstanding five-year track record. One of my primary responsibilities when I came in was to help the business grow, and we experienced a lot of success in doing that. During my five years there, we grew to almost $2 billion in AUM. I learned what to do and what not to do to achieve that kind of growth, and I saw firsthand how to scale an asset management firm.

So I wondered — can my colleagues and I do this in an advisory capacity for a select group of emerging funds — specifically, those with good track records led by quality people that just need help on the business side?

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