Satori Capital has long been a proud supporter of Conscious Capitalism, Inc., an organization that believes in the power of business as a force for good, and our close association continues today. One of our co-founders, Randy Eisenman, was a founding board member of the organization, and our other co-founder, Sunny Vanderbeck, serves on the current board and was named one of the group’s “Heroes of Conscious Capitalism” last year. Below, we share a few updates on recent developments in our partnership with Conscious Capitalism, Inc.

2018 Satori Capital Conscious Capitalism CEO Scholarship

Last year, we created and launched the Satori Capital Conscious Capitalism CEO Scholarship. The scholarship gives a CEO of an up-and-coming business the opportunity to attend the Conscious Capitalism CEO Summit. Access to the CEO Summit allows visionary CEOs to hear world-class speakers, attend valuable workshops, and connect with like-minded leaders focused on fulfilling the deeper purpose of their organizations and creating value for all of their stakeholders.

We are pleased to announce that our 2018 scholarship recipient is Greg Fasullo, CEO of ENTOUCH.

ENTOUCH is a data platform and service provider for operators of multi-site facilities, helping them collect, store, and analyze real-time data to optimize outcomes across their portfolios. We were inspired by ENTOUCH’s conscious culture and its focus on creating benefits for its customers, employees, and society at large. Greg reports that through ENTOUCH’s systems, its clients are saving nearly 10 million kilowatt-hours of energy every month. As Greg says, “That’s equivalent to planting a forest larger than the city of Dallas every single year.” We are delighted to sponsor Greg’s attendance at this year’s CEO Summit, and we encourage you to visit for more information about Greg and ENTOUCH.

Some of our other scholarship nominees were so impressive that we wanted to acknowledge their excellent entries: Jeannie Jarnot of Beauty Heroes, Susan Gruppi and Jessica Miller of M2G Ventures, and Katica Roy of Pipeline Equity. The diversity of our nominees’ industries certainly shows the universal applicability of the conscious capitalism approach.

We are so appreciative of all those who participated in the nomination process, and we are grateful to be connected with so many worthy applicants. Likewise, many of our applicants have shared that they gained lasting insight from participating in the process. If you would like to participate in next year’s scholarship process, please contact Faith Geiger at for more information.

2018 Satori Conscious Capital Markets Award

Earlier this year, we sponsored Conscious Capitalism, Inc.’s “Satori Conscious Capital Markets Award,” which recognizes participants in capital market transactions who uphold the ideals and principles of conscious capitalism.

We were honored to present this year’s award to Steve Hall, founder of driversselect, an innovative pre-owned car sales company. Steve sold driversselect to a public company in 2017, and in doing so, he displayed conviction, character, and strength in ensuring the conscious culture he created would endure beyond the sale.

During the transaction, Steve’s concerns focused heavily on understanding the buyer, assessing its culture and its leadership team, and considering its values. Through his earnest attention to these concerns – in the face of indifference or even bafflement from other participants in the process – Steve truly demonstrated conscious leadership and helped to ensure an outcome that would promote the values and principles of conscious capitalism in his company and in the acquiring company in the future.

For more about Steve and the sale of driversselect, we recommend this article from the Conscious Capitalism blog, which includes this insightful quote from Sunny Vanderbeck:

“Every conscious CEO has certain core values that are most expressed in their lives and organizations. They don’t disappear after a merger/acquisition, and they will never be more important than when being used to guide a decision of this magnitude in a very short amount of time.”

Conscious Capitalism CEO Summit

This year’s CEO Summit took place in Austin, Texas, from October 9-11. For more information about the Summit, visit