Satori Capital announced the launch of Satori Environmental, a long/short equity strategy that primarily invests in securities impacted by the global energy sector’s shift from fossil-based systems to renewable sources. Satori Environmental actively manages a diversified portfolio of long and short positions intended to capitalize on the complex and dynamic forces driving the global energy transition.

Satori Environmental is led by chief investment officer Paul Strigler, an 18-year veteran of the industry with highly specialized knowledge and relationships. Paul has been exclusively focused on renewables and various sub-sectors since their public markets debut, and he has nurtured deep sector expertise and relationships with influential leaders in virtually every part of the industry.

“As far as we can ascertain, Paul Strigler’s longevity in this sector is unmatched,” said Haddaway. “As he likes to put it, he’s been doing this since it was just him and a couple of guys in Birkenstocks walking conference floors. Paul’s focus, experience, and expertise are key differentiators in this complex sector, a space where many investors who have dabbled in it have failed to generate strong returns. Paul has tracked, studied, and invested in this sector since before most investors knew it existed.”

Satori Environmental’s actively managed, long/short strategy is designed to strategically capitalize on the most important megatrends in the energy transition landscape. Its portfolio of long, medium, and short-term investments is diversified across a universe of more than 280 publicly traded companies comprising approximately $2.4 trillion of market capitalization.

View the press release about Satori Environmental for more information.

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