Accounting and advisory firm EisnerAmper recently featured James Haddaway, Satori Alpha’s chief investment officer and managing partner, in its “Trends Watch” Q&A series on alternative investments. The series regularly spotlights the views and insights of executives from alternative investment firms.

James shared his outlook for alternative investments, where he sees the most promising investment opportunities, and what he views as areas of concern. In his discussion of investment opportunities, James noted the effective strategies of firms in the Satori XL Partnership Program, including Pavise Capital Management, Crawford Lake Capital Management, and Cicero Capital Partners. James also pointed to private investments as an area of interest, noting, “We’re seeing a number of interesting, idiosyncratic, uncorrelated opportunities involving private assets that have very compelling risk/reward profiles. I think those are a great way to invest right now.”

In terms of challenges investors may face, James discussed the value of diversification. “Investors should know that it’s a good time to rebalance their U.S. equity passive exposure and get more diversified,” he said. “If investors really understood the correlations between their various investments, many would be surprised by their lack of portfolio diversification.”

Click here to read the full Q&A.  This link contains references to certain investments held by Satori Alpha. Information on all Satori Alpha investments is available upon request.